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Welcome to Southwest Foodservice Excellence

Southwest Foodservice Excellence specializes only in K-12 Child Nutrition. We are a unique breed of food service experts who share the same culture and belief: "Putting Child Nutrition First!"

Like you, we are all products of the K-12 community, and we are extremely passionate about education and nutrition. We truly want to make a difference for our children.

Whether you are accomplishing all your nutritional goals or not; it is always beneficial to network with other K-12 professionals. Please feel free to utilize us as a resource at anytime. The only way we can improve is by learning from one another. Let's unite in "Putting Child Nutrition First."


SFE 100% Guarantee

SFE 100% Guarantee

  • Exceptional Culinary Encounter for Students, Parents and Administration
  • Diverse, Delicious Menus That Leave Students Feeling Full and Satisfied
  • Onsite Culinary, Nutritional and Operational Support
  • Customized Menus That are Designed to Boost Breakfast and Lunch Participation
  • Onsite Training and Development for District Staff for Improved Food Quality
  • Efficient and Effective Management Resulting in the Best FInancial Performance
  • 100% USDA Compliant Menus
  • Committed to Your Students' Nutrition, Health and Wellness Education
  • Improved Communications with District Staff, Principals and Administration
  • A Simplified Food Service Management Experience