Culinary ExpertiseThe Key to Your Success!

The key to a successful food service program for your students is the food service management company you choose as a partner. We specialize only in K-12 child nutrition, and we have all of the qualifications to join you in an effective partnership. Our staff of award-winning chefs have the qualifications, and our devotion to continually improving nutrition and healthy eating all combine to ensure your district has a successful food service program. Other important factors in the SFE program are:

Culinary Expertise

Our Goal is Excellence

We set high standards and constantly work towards the goal of excellence in the food service program at your schools. To support this goal, Chef and Senior Vice President, Monty Staggs, leads a team of award winning chefs who administer:

  • Introduction the Highest Quality Food and Ingredients Available
  • Onsite Support and Training For Cafeteria Staff
  • Training and Team Building Per Campus
  • Continuous Food Quality Evaluations
  • Increased “From Scratch” Cooking and Less Processed Foods
  • Creation of Specialty Menus To Meet All Dietary Requirements
  • District-wide Staff Training Interface

Customer Satisfaction

Culinary ExpertiseTo keep our menus fresh and innovative, we are continuously gathering information by listening to our customers’ feedback. We believe that frequent student taste tests help us develop diverse menus that will boost breakfast and lunch participation. Below are some of the ways we gather information from faculty, staff and students in order to evaluate the types of foods that your unique district prefers.

  • District Education Foundations
  • Interactive Meetings with Student Focus Groups
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys for Students, Parents, Principals and Administrators
  • Participation In Health Fairs, Food Fairs, Boosters Clubs, Nutrition Advisory Boards and Parent Teacher Associations

Customized Programs

Culinary ExpertiseOur services are not one-size-fits-all, and we can customize our programs to meet the needs of your district.

  • Customized Menus That Are Tailored to Appeal to Your Regional Tastes
  • Customized On-trend Marketing Scheme Per Campus
  • Cooking Classes for Students, Parents and Administrators
  • Banquet & Catering Specialists For Large and Small Events
  • Lunch While Learning Programs
  • Garden & Composting Programs
  • Culinary Arts Program

Student Nutrition Education

Culinary ExpertiseSFE has designed several interactive cooking and learning experiences for your students. These special events create student involvement through nutritious recipe development. Involving students to help generates excitement about food and nutrition. Our District Chefs work with school administrators to teach your students the basics of nutritious food preparation. Some of the topics include:

  • Hand Washing
  • Customized On-trend Marketing Scheme Per Campus
  • Food Safety
  • Reading “Nutrition Facts” Food Labels
  • Smart Snacks
  • Portion Sizes

Fresh Local Harvest

Culinary ExpertiseFresh fruits and vegetables are an important part of every student’s diet. Therefore, we will make every effort to partner with local producers to include fresh produce into our daily menu plan.

Because of our company and our dedication to student nutrition, SFE has partnered with Olympic Gold Medalist Jackie Joyner-Kersee. Both Ms. Kersee and SFE believe in serving the highest quality and most nutritional foods to our students. Therefore, Jackie and SFE are committed to using local produce programs in our partner schools and to promote this initiative nationwide.

Our Responsibility

No food service company in the world can provide services without a front line staff. SFE spends a significant number of hours and provides ample resources to improve the services provided by our / your employees. Our culture focuses on treating staff with fairness and respect. A proud, happy staff member will take a more active role in improving the quality and presentation of food, which the students will appreciate and enjoy.

Culinary ExpertiseBecause we recognize the importance of each individual employee of SFE, we also follow rigorously responsible programs for our employees including:

  • On-going Training Initiatives
  • Regular Employee Welfare and Benefit Meetings
  • Employee Career Development
  • On-site Food Safety and Sanitation Quality Control
  • Audit and Accounting Controls