Nutritional ExpertiseCreative, Diverse, and Appealing Menus

Focus On NutritionWe all want to see your students perform at the highest level possible. However, sometimes accomplishing that goal can be difficult. Young minds are always active and moving in many different directions. Often times instructors are teaching addition and subtraction while the students are thinking about recess. Kids will be kids and that is simply something we cannot change. Therefore, it is important to ask ourselves, "Are we doing everything we can to get our students to perform at the highest level?"

How we fuel our bodies is directly related to how our minds perform. What we serve your students will directly impact how well they pay attention in class and achieve their academic goals.

Our District Chefs will design your menus to be creative, diverse, appealing and appetizing, while controlling food costs and minimizing waste. Our menus are 100% nutrition focused. Our Registered Dietitians will ensure your menus not only meet, but exceed the nutrient requirements for your students to grow properly.Our Culinary team works hand-in-hand with our Registered Dietitians to create great tasting foods that are healthy, satisfying and fun. New recipes are added to school lunch menus throughout the school year to keep meals new and exciting.

Focus On Nutrition ProcessWe consider it an honor, as well as our duty, to instill healthy habits that not only will properly nourish your students, but will help develop a healthy lifestyle that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Please Note: A very important aspect of good nutrition is for students to be able to eat their meals in an enviroment free of potential allergic reaction triggering events or foods.  Our Culinary Team and our Registered Dietitians work together with our Clients and School Nurses to provide information that assists in the management of students with allergies and students with special diets.

For more information about food allergies, visit FAAN's (The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network) website at: