SFE 100% GuaranteeExpertise, Flexibility, Experience

SFE 100% GuaranteeOur satisfying, on-trend restaurant programs are designed to increase participation at all grade levels while meeting and exceeding all federal and state nutrition requirements. SFE will operate unlike any other company; our company’s focus will always be child nutrition and excellent customer service. We believe that while we will have an absolute commitment to controlling costs and increasing revenues, the real benefit to the district budget and overall satisfaction will come from serving the highest quality and most nutritional foods each and every day.

  • Exceptional Culinary Encounter for Students, Parents and Administration
  • Diverse, Delicious Menus That Leave Students Feeling Full and Satisfied
  • Onsite Culinary, Nutritional and Operational Support
  • Customized Menus That are Designed to Boost Breakfast and Lunch Participation
  • Onsite Training and Development for District Staff for Improved Food Quality
  • Efficient and Effective Management Resulting in the Best FInancial Performance
  • 100% USDA Compliant Menus
  • Committed to Your Students' Nutrition, Health and Wellness Education
  • Improved Communications with District Staff, Principals and Administration
  • A Simplified Food Service Management Experience