More Menu ChoicesThe Widest Variety of Entrees in the K-12 Market

ChoicesChoices, Choices, Choices…

What keeps lunch exciting? Choices—every one of them approved by kids!

With a collection of over 3,000 on-trend recipes, SFE is committed to keeping menus fresh and engaging for your students. In fact, we offer the widest variety of custom cuisines in the K-12 industry! And every nutritionally balanced menu is specially created for each district, with plenty of student feedback along the way. That’s because we want to be sure that every single student can look forward to finding foods they love.

  • The widest variety of on-trend cuisines to fit every taste
  • 7 new cuisines developed each year (11-13 entrees per cuisine)
  • Menus that change monthly (rather than in monotonous 7-week cycles)—to keep meals exciting every single day
  • On-trend restaurant-style stations for every school, with colorful displays
  • On-campus Food Trucks and trailers—for students who want a change!
  • Nutritionist-approved options to fit dietary requirements of every child (Eg: celiac, diabetic menus, etc.)
  • Mobile ordering, for students and faculty on-the-go!

FeedbackRegular Student Feedback:

To keep our menus fresh and innovative, we continuously gather information from both students and staff. This helps us to fine-tune the menus for your specific district—and to boost breakfast and lunch participation along the way! Below are some of the ways we regularly hear from your faculty, staff and students:

  • District Education Foundation events
  • Interactive taste testing meetings with Student Focus Groups
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys for students, parents, principals and administrators
  • SFE-hosted Health Fairs, Food Fairs and events for Booster Clubs, Menu Advisory Boards and Parent Teacher Associations

In this way, we can create a program that is just right for your district—with deliciously varied menus that delight!

I can easily see myself eating lunch

"I never ever really ate lunch, but after seeing and tasting SFE’s food, I can easily see myself eating lunch every day."


Ninth Grade Academy Student
Lincoln Public Schools, Tennessee