Our CultureQuality of Life Through Fresh & Wholesome Food

Our CultureMission Statement

SFE will enhance "your" students' quality of life through fresh and wholesome food, a strong focus on nutrition and unparalleled customer service. SFE will become "your" food service partner of choice by building personalized, long-lasting relationships within "your" school district and community.

Guiding Principles

Take pride in serving only the best and most nutritious foods:

  • Create healthy menus that will be accepted and enjoyed by your students
  • Listen to our customers and constantly collect and act upon their feedback
  • Commit to serving a wide variety of foods made with the highest-quality ingredients

Focus on the wellness of your students by:

  • Improving the quality of nutrition in the foods that we serve
  • Creating exciting, nutritious menus that will appeal and engage your students
  • Implementing sound nutrition education techniques that will create healthy habits for life

Excellent service for customers:

  • Make all levels of management available to our clients and customer at their request
  • Personalized, professional staff with community ties in every school district
  • To have the fastest response time in the K-12 child nutrition community
  • To employ the most flexible, knowledgeable, experienced and professional staff

Improve the communities in which you live and work:

  • To take active roles in fighting hunger for the underprivileged
  • Help fight childhood obesity
  • Form partnerships with like-minded agencies to help promote our wellness message
  • To be committed in the advancement of your employees, who make your communities and programs successful

Safeguard the financial stability of our clients:

  • To have the best reputation in the K-12 community for delivering guaranteed financial results
  • Carefully consider every financial decision and it's impact on our clients financial well being